Monday, December 14, 2015

I can't 'adult' on Monday

Monday is not such a good day. And this has nothing to do with the cliché hatred for Mondays that even those peeps whose only job is tweeting all day long hold. I have genuine reasons for disliking Monday and one of them is the uphill task that is writing blog articles on Monday. This is me trying to come up with an article on Monday and the conversations that ensue in my head;
  •  Thinks of a great title as I get inspired by glorious music from Dela (this mama can really sing)

  • Decides to write about ‘how KFC cheats us out of our money’

  • Writes one sentence and thinks ‘I don’t like this story I sound too opinionated’

  • You know what forget it I am just going to form a title and write a story around it

  • Backspaces the whole sentence

  • Writes a title ‘Let’s arrest Raila Odinga’

  • Looks for reasons. Wait are there enough reasons for arresting Raila? I don’t think so.

  • Deletes title

  • Goes back to reading about UK’s attacks on ISIS (Word of advice; read what is happening on global politics interesting stuff there)

  • Comes back 20 mins later to the blank MS page *Still no ideas*

  • Thinks; should I tell the story of how I visited my Cucu the other day? Or how Gitau – our caretaker – has become reckless? Or how I am fairing with my guitar quest?Or how many Christmas carols I don’t know the lyrics to? Or how much the weekend has been awesome? Or the joys that the rain bringeth over the weekend? Or how I want to spend Christmas? Or just tell the new inspirational story?

  • So much to choose from. So much.

  • Let me first listen to Snarky Puppy and their jazz thingies

  • Comes back 30 mins later ready to write an ass-kicking inspirational story

  • Writes a paragraph on how audacious it is for Boniface Mwangi to get arrested for the umpteenth time for the sake of human rights while everyone else is busy talking about how sleek B.o.B is and how his show in Kenya slayed.

  • Thinks; you know what would really be a great story for today? A review of latest gadgets and apps.

  • Goes back to research on tech and  before long hey look Tesla has a new self-driving car with a semi-autonomous autopilot system.  *gets distracted from searching for gadgets and apps*

  • Goes to YouTube to watch the Tesla review.

  • Finishes watching the review and goes on to listen to YouTube music for the next hour.

  • Oops I have run out of blogging time

  • I have to write something so I just decided to write about how hard I tried to start the article but I couldn’t get to it.

Clearly Monday is a difficult day to 'adult'. Can we all not adult on Monday? Yes? Awesome!!
Have an excellent week y’all.