Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Hear the music before the song is over

Hear the Music Before the Song is Over

So what are you planning to do later today? Can we have lunch? What about the weekend? Can we meet up or its already scheduled? And by the way when are you going to visit your folks? Wait I can bet I know the answer to the last one; you are waiting for the perfect moment right? Now stop grinning (I have mystical powers that can sense your grin). Real talk here. Have you realized how life passes by faster as you age? I am only in my early twenties and I swear days are moving faster nowadays than they did a couple of years ago.

The worst part is how busy we all get. There is barely time anymore, see how you are on the rush…like literally so and that’s why you won’t meet me for lunch or hang out over the weekend. See how you are killing our friendship slowly? Don’t say I never warned you. But forget about me, how about your folks? How long have you been planning the visit that never happens? Is the rush consuming you? Surprisingly what makes everyone rush is the quest for an ‘ideal’ life. Of course we all want to earn as much as we can then live the ‘perfect’ life afterwards. Now this I must say is where things go haywire.

So one day I ask myself does it all matter? I mean the money and the rush? What do I get to forgo as I chase the ‘good’ life? The answer I got is a no. It isn’t worth it. See, I read a story of this guy that spent his entire life, dude was kedo 50 years when writing the story, working to give himself some financial security and take care of his family but almost thirty years down the line he only had a broken marriage and nothing much financially. Truth is that his wife thought he’d gotten boring whereas he thought he was working hard for the good of everyone. Never taking work-breaks and going beyond expectations to get that promotion. You know the “you have changed vibe”? Yes that's the one that ended their marriage and after the wife had cheated with someone ‘interesting’ (she had been cheating for almost 10 year before she got caught! Women can hide stuff bana!). 

He had crippled his social life. Now allow me to give a disclaimer here – don’t stop working then get broke and miserable and blame me….me and my lawyer have got that figured out. Moving on, my point before your life is over aye. Tomorrow as they say holds no promises. Breath slow, feel the air. Listen to the birds chirp and watch butterflies erratically fly around. Move with the rhythm of life. Slow down the dance. Ravish the moments. Hear the music before the song is over. (You have to adore my poetic skills there).

Here is the game plan I came up with to help you…okay I may have copied this somewhere but still….Go climb trees in the park when camping. Go for road trips. Do what you love even if you don’t get paid for it. Climb on top of a mountain and shout or scream or something (I hear this one reduces stress levels) or better still play the song you love loudly and dance wildly as you sing along to it (not sure of the results here). Basically have fun, meet new and interesting humans, pay attention to your friends, hangout more, don’t sleep with a million chores running through your head, also organise a protest (a peaceful one for that matter). If you are the chatty type try and be quiet and reflect on something. Do things you want not the ones you should. Learn that it is not all about the money and getting rich. There’s more to life than chasing the highs.

I am inclined to say that the human experience is the same mysterious and super-enjoyable experience that has been for the last hundreds of years. Make memories and reminisce the ones already made.

Life is not a race, take it slow. Hear the music before the song is over.

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